Portlaoise Institute Erasmus Programme


Portlaoise Institute Erasmus Programme

Portlaoise Institute is proud to be an active partner in the EU-funded Erasmus+ programme. Erasmus+ provides opportunities for students to study, train, gain work experience or volunteer abroad. Since 2019, 90 staff and students have taken part in work placements in Spain and Hungry. 

The Erasmus+ Programme offers Portlaoise Institute students the opportunity to apply to work abroad (usually for a two-week period). Placements will be arranged with employers in the host country with support from Portlaoise Institute. You can experience living in another culture, enjoy travelling, improve language skills, add this experience to your CV and get that valuable job.

Placements normally take place in February. If your application to work aboard is successful, you will qualify for a grant towards the cost of the mobility programme including travel, accommodation and living expenses.

Why should you go on an Erasmus Programme – The Benefits of Erasmus:

Experience staying in a country you consider living in the future
Taking an internship abroad increases employability and adds to your CV
Learning to stick to a budget and balance your finances
Gain international and intercultural competencies, as well as cultural awareness
Make friends that could last you a lifetime


Erasmus Programme - Malaga Video 2023