Frequently Asked Questions


When do courses begin?

Our full time day courses begin in September. Students will notified prior to commencement date.

When do courses finish?

Courses finish in May.

What time are classes?

Classes take place between Monday and Thursday between 9:00am to 3.55pm each day and 9:00am to 1:15pm on a Friday. The duration of your typical college day depends upon your course of study. 

When will my timetable be available?

Timetables are available at induction.  This usually occurs during the first week in September.

What time does the college open and close?

Portlaoise Institute opens at 8.30am and closes at 5.00pm.

What way are the breaks structured throughout the day?

There is a morning break at 11:00am for 15 minutes.  The common lunch break runs from 1.15pm -1.55pm daily.

Are your courses full time?

All of our day time courses are full time courses.

Is Portlaoise Institute supportive of mature students?

Yes, Portlaoise Institute encourages and supports all students in their learning objectives. We are especially aware of the richness in life experience and diversity of accomplished skills already present within mature students. This adds greatly to the depth of peer learning among student groups


How do I apply for a course at Portlaoise Institute?

You can only apply online on this website or through 

When should I apply for a course?

Applications usually begin in late January, early applications are always advisable to avoid classes filling up and increase your chances of getting a position.

I applied for the wrong course by mistake what do I do?

Don’t panic if you applied for the wrong course you can contact us requesting a transfer.


Where can I go for information on potential funding for my studies?

The website is the go to website for information on funding your studies.

Where can I go to apply for a grant?

The website is where you can go to apply for grants.

Am I eligible for the Back to Education scheme?

To check your eligibility you can visit Social Welfare Back to Education Allowance.


What fees do I need to pay at Portlaoise Institute?

All learners are required to pay the following:

An acceptance fee of €200, to be paid when offered a place on a course

A QQI Exam fee of €50. (All learners who are holders of a medical card or a dependent of a medical cardholder, VTOS or BTEA are exempt from paying this charge). The remaining courses offered by the Institute are certified by other accrediting bodies namely: BTEC, ITEC, ATI and City & Guilds. Please contact us to find out the costs of these examination fees.

A government levy of €200 paid annually. (Learners who are holders of a medical card or a dependent of a medical cardholder, VTOS, BTEA or receive a SUSI grant are exempt from paying this charge).

Other costs (books, exams, equipment, professional membership fees, optional training etc.) are also payable. These costs vary depending on the course chosen. Information on costs is provided under each course outline.